Wentworth Miller Plays Sexy Hunk Michael Scofield in Prison Break

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Wentworth Miller is set to appear again in season 2 of Prison Break, this time outside of prison. Michael and Lincoln (played by Dominic Purcell) and are now on the run, with FBI Agent Mahone (William Fichtner) and Brad Bellick (Wade Williams) trailing them.

Born "Wentworth Earl Miller III" in England (UK) of mixed parentage, Wentworth grew up in Brooklyn, New York and graduated from the prestigious Princeton University with a degree in English. The Ivy Leaguer first starred in ABC's Dinotopia and co-starred in movie The Human Stain with Anthony Hopkins, before hitting it big with Prison Break.

For his role in Prison Break, Miller received a best actor award nomination in Golden Globe 2006.

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