Vanessa Minnillo is set to bump into Jessica Simpson, ex-wife of boyfriend Nick Lachey

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Vanessa Minnillo seems destined to bump into Jessica Simpson, whom boyfriend Nick Lachey divorced in early 2006. Not. MTV is reportedly going the extra mile in ensuring the three of them do not meet head on. Lucky Jessica. But too bad for the people who were looking forward to the excitement.

More recently, it's been reported that Vanessa Minnillo is about to marry "What's left of me" Nick Lachey. Purportedly, Nick is suffering from "Jessica Simpson withdrawal" and can't wait to get married. But whether Vanessa is ready to commit is still a question. So, is Minnillo to wed? Nobody knows yet.

Born of mixed parentage, with father Italian-Irish and mum Filipino, Vanessa spent most of her childhood in Charleston, South Carolina. She won the Miss Teen USA title in 1998 and was a reporter for Entertainment Tonight in 2005. In 2006, her career peaked when Maxim magazine ranked her as one of the Hot 100 sexy celebrities.

Vanessa started dating Nick Lachey and also appeared in his What's Left of Me music video. Certain recent reports claim that their relationship is on the rocks. Well, this is perhaps not surprising in Hollywood.

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