Randy Newman wins Oscar

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Randy Newman had been nominated for the Academy Award so many times that it's painful to see him not win.

The singer-songwriter with "the most Oscar nominations without a single win" finally got his Oscar for Best Song in 2001.

The winning song is If I Didn't Have You, featured in the soundtrack of Monsters Inc.

Randy Newman had previously been nominated 15 times.

Born "Randall Stuart Newman", Randy studied in University of California and has an illustrious career writing pop songs. As a singer, he has also released several albums of his own - the debut album Randy Newman did not hit it big, but artistes like Alan Price, the Everly Brothers, Pat Boone, Dusty Springfield, and Judy Collins, and Peggy Lee covered his songs.

His songs include Sail Away, Political Science, My Life Is Good, I Love L.A., You've Got a Friend in Me, and "I Love to See You Smile.

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