Maureen Mccormick Brady Bunch star has a relationship with co-star Eve Plumb

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Maureen Mccormick who played Marcia Brady in Brady Bunch speaks of having a relationship with "sister" Jan Brady (Eve Plumb).

Born "Maureen Denise McCormick", Maureen McCormick has also starred as the manipulative Rebecca Hotchkiss Crane in soap opera Passions (now replaced by Andrea Evans).

Reportedly, Maureen will divulge details of the lesbian relationship with Eve Plumb in her soon-to-be-released tell-all book. But the publisher claimed otherwise.

In 2007, Maureen McCormick shared the Pop Culture Award with the Brady Bunch cast and producer Lloyd J. Schwartz.

She is married to actor Michael Cummings. They have a daughter Natalie.

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