Isaac Hanson leaves hospital after checking in for blood clot

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Isaac Hanson was one-third of teen music group Hanson which shot to fame with its MMMBop hit single. The 3 Hanson brothers are Isaac, Taylor and Zac.

After their initial success, Isaac Hanson and brothers then went through a struggle with their singing career.

In 2006, Isaac married Nicole Summer Dufresne. Their baby, Clarke Everett Hanson, was born in April 2007.

But later that year, Isaac Hanson was hospitalized and received emergency surgery for pulmonary embolism, a condition that gave him chest and shoulder pains, and if not treated may lead to death.

Fortunately, doctors removed the blood clot and Isaac was then discharged from hospital.

It seems from Hanson's web site that he is not resting - they are pushing on with the Hanson tour.

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