Brooke White has been eliminated from American Idol 2008

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Brooke White the sexy babe has been eliminated from American Idol 2008.

What's consolating is that she's placed 5th in the contest, which has been mired in controversy but is seen to be producing singers of higher standards.

Born "Brooke Elise White" in Phoenix, Arizona, she describes herself as a "beauty school dropout", referring to her years in one such school at a young age.

After a disastrous rendition of Evita's "You Must Love Me" in a previous show, a first time in Idol's history, she surprisingly moved on to the Top 5.

In the Top 5 show, she chose the songs "I'm a Believer" and "I Am... I Said". Now, her less disastrous performance was apparently not good enough to move to the Final 4.

Incidentally, in that show, Idol judge Paul Abdul made a boo-boo...

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